I am the result of a pleasant afternoon of love between two high school students in 1982. Since I was child, during my mum’s lectures at the university, I preferred to draw rather than listen to the lectures of civil law. Jurisprudence wasn’t for me. Then, attending a high school that focused on science, I understood that numbers weren’t for me either. I liked reading comics and children books, watching animations and using the computer, and since I had a gift for drawing, I found my path. Attending the European Institute of Design in Milan and graduating in illustration and animation.
In 2005 I started to work as a freelance illustrator, gaining several experiences in advertisement, editorial and publishing. My interests then, began to focus in children's books. I decided to leave Italy and move to studying the MA in children's books at the Cambridge school of art. I could obtain my first book published and I am looking for others! Just graduated, Lorraine found me and I am confident the collaboration with The Organisation will be great! I live now in London and whatever may be, everyone will live happily ever after!