I was born in 1981 and have studied Graphics (Illustration and Graphic Design) in Timisoara, Romania where I now live together with my boyfriend and my dog.

Since my graduation I have been working as freelance illustrator for national and for international publishing houses,
advertising agencies, design studios and magazines.

Either traditional, digital or a mix between the two of them, I tend to use a lot of textures in my work.
I either paint with acrylics on paper and then add scratches and textures from natural sponges either I work
digitally using a Wacom tablet and then I add textures or patterns digitally.
Recently I have discovered a third option of making some very precise and textured drawings and then adding color
digitally to them.

When I'm not illustrating, I'm either painting for my next exhibition or I'm just playing around with the local handmade community.