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Indian folktale appeared in collection, "Myths and Legends" published by Pearson Education Canada. Cover and "Rumours" linocut illustrations by Sue Todd.

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About the Artist

  • Sue Todd

    Sue Todd is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, now OCADU, Toronto, with a major in Communication and Design. Sue began her career as a freelance designer in retail advertising. In her spare time she took up lino-carving, an ancient printmaking technique similar to woodcut, and developed a unique style of art that led to a career in illustration. Sue has created art for a wide range of clients from advertising and corporate to editorial and publishing. Her images appear on many book covers and interiors, packaging, posters, t-shirts, a TV commercial and a bus. Sue's clients are located in Canada, the US and UK. Sue particularly enjoy children’s publishing and has illustrated many folktales and legends from around the world. She has fully illustrated five picture books and contributed to many educational collections. Sue has been commissioned to design posters for “The Detroit Festival of the Arts” and “The Waterloo Busker Carnival” for many years. Her art won a bronze award in the 3 x 3 Illustration Annual 2012, and was chosen to appear in the 2008 volume of Showcase “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide”.

    Web: http://www.suetodd.com