About the Artist

  • PWeiner

    Paul discovered his innate creativity as a young boy. He was continuously sketching when he had the chance; even when he shouldn't have. His favorite spot was his parents' livingroom walls. They didn't appreciate this. He gradually learned discipline and tempered his drawing to his drawing pads and sketchbooks. His parents appreciated this. While in high school he loved to dissect frogs and thought he would become a famous surgeon. His hopes were dashed when he barely passed biology (to his teacher"s relief). Paul didn't care much for math and preferred sketching. After graduating from high school he applied and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art.

    Paul's illustrious career includes numerous illustration assignments for magazines, design studios and children educational publishers. This includes clients such as Little Brown & Company, Oxford University Press, Pearson Scott Foresman, William H. Sadlier Inc, Addison Wesley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Heinle & Heinle Publisher Inc, E Retailing World Magazine, Kane Publishing Services, Reale Fitzgerald Advertising, Zaner Bloser, Robert Bentley Publishing, Davis Publication, Macmillan/McGraw, Function Thru Forms, Prong & Associates, Jeff Kennedy Associates, Simplex and many others.

    Web: http://www.paulweiner.com/Galleries/galleries.html