About the Artist

  • Leslie Harrington

    I grew up in the Midwest- smack dab in the middle of Ohio- and graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design. Various job opportunities took me to Seattle, Tampa, Santa Fe, Philadelphia and finally back to Seattle again. I've worked for video game companies and muddled through the infamous dot com bubble. Once I determined that I could earn a real paycheck- instead of receiving fantasy stock options- I set out as a freelance illustrator with the love and support of my hubby, Mike. In 2006, I won the redesign of Highlights Magazine's Goofus and Gallant cartoon. It has always been an honor to be a part of their 60+ years in print. I share my studio that overlooks the Snoqualmie Valley with two goofy kitties, Franklin and Madison. When deadlines aren't looming-I am working on illustrating the first Clip Clop Club chapter book, Giddy Up,Girl.

    Web: http://www.leslieharrington.com