About the Artist

  • Layne Johnson

    I'm Layne Johnson and I've always loved adventure! And that's exactly what each new book is. A native Texan I've drawn and painted just about everything! Being a children's book illustrator is also an adventure. I often ask kids if they know what an illustrator does. A kindergartener might say "You write the pictures in books!" A third grader might say "You draw the pictures in books!" But I say "I bring books to life!" I don't draw or paint just what the words say. I draw what comes before the words what's between the words what comes after the words. It's my job to make the world of a book larger. I want the reader to "be there" in the book. And when they've taken the journey with me to say "Let's read it again!" Why do I do what I do? Because it's FUN! I'm still a kid at heart so illustrating books for kids is my passion. And empowering children to draw and write is something I cherish

    Web: http://www.laynejohnson.com