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For three years I've been cartooning a weekly strip for my local newspaper. HARTS PASS is a sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, 100% wolverine-take on life in the North Cascades. Enjoy!

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Inspired by a favorite stuffed animal, the Sleepdog Project is an ongoing series of alliterative images (IE Studio Sleepdog) and the subject of several other currently top secret happenings!

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About the Artist

  • Erik Brooks

    Erik Brooks is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including the 2011 Washington State Book Award winner, Polar Opposites and CBC/IRA Children's Choices Award Winner, The Practically Perfect Pajamas. He has worked with Albert Whitman, Henry Holt, Harper Collins Publishers, Little Brown & Co., Marhsall Cavendish (now Amazon/Two Lions Publishing) and Sasquatch books among others. He lives in Winthrop, WA and visits schools and libraries across the country. STUDIO PHONE: 509.996.4345

    Web: http://www.erikbrooks.com